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Join us for a Dream the Cure Conversation Program

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Presented by The Wisconsin Pink Shawls, Dream the Cure Conversations are educational sessions, in which women can talk openly about breast cancer and the impact it can have on their lives. The goal of the program is to encourage women to get regular breast health screenings, thereby increasing survival rates throughout the tribes of Wisconsin. The small group education sessions are held in familiar settings that are safe and easily accessible in Wisconsin such as: 

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Businesses
  • Health Centers
  • Libraries
  • City Agencies
  • Community Centers
  • Beauty Shops
  • Public Housing Complexes

Our participants can talk openly about breast cancer and discuss barriers that prevent women from getting breast exams, such as fear, cultural/financial concerns, and time constraints. Light refreshments are served. Our participants will also learn about the benefits of yearly screenings.

At the end of the conversation, the participants will have the tools to break down barriers to breast health screenings. Other key takeaway messages include:

  • Knowing Your Personal Risk of Breast Cancer
  • Understanding Screening Recommendations
  • Engaging in Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors to Reduce Risk
  • Empowering Women to Be Their Own Health Advocates

Conversation Leaders

Each conversation is moderated by a Pink Shawl Dream the Cure Conversations leader. These leaders, while they are only volunteers, are highly trained to serve as the bridge between community members and available breast health services.


Our conversation leaders are uniquely qualified as a trusted source because of the community ties they have already established. These leaders usually live in communities where the conversations are taking place, and they understand what is important to those communities.


Additionally, leaders are able to communicate in a language participants are comfortable with and can incorporate cultural customs to help participants cope with stress and promote ongoing breast self-awareness. Women who participate in the program, go for the appropriate screening (mammogram or clinical breast exam) qualify for a gift card incentive that is mailed to them after the test is validated.


If you’d like to learn more about The Pink Shawl Dream the Cure Conversations and the importance of breast health, contact us.